4 Reasons To Choose Centrifugal Process Pumps For Your Industrial Applications

When sourcing the ideal pump to use in your industrial chemical application, you'll realize that you have infinite options at your disposal. However, the two popular types include centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. An excellent example of end-suction centrifugal pumps the API process pumps designed particularly with rotating impellers, which creates negative pressure to pump the liquid to the exit point.

But why are centrifugal process pumps ideal for your industrial chemical or liquid applications? Read on to learn more.

Excellent with Transfers of Huge Liquid Volumes

When it comes to transferring low-viscosity liquids such as pressurized petroleum products, chemicals, and water, centrifugal pumps make the ideal choice. They may not be suitable for highly viscous liquids but work best when their impellers are submerged in fluids. You may be forced to use open impellers for moving certain solids or viscous fluids without significant blockages. Furthermore, you may opt for chopper impellers that cut down on solid sizes for a smoother material flow.

Simple in Design

While most manufacturers add various extra features to their pump models, centrifugal chemical pumps are simple in design. With even their minimalistic designs, these pumps do not need additional valves or pistons to run efficiently. That means manufacturers can design them using different materials to suit the intended requirement, including plastic, steel, or aluminum. Furthermore, they require less and straightforward maintenance to keep them in prime working conditions than most pump variants.

They are Intrinsically Compact

Compared to other types like positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps are small-sized due to their simple design. Because of this reason, these pumps are prevalent in industrial and domestic setups. For instance, if you have floor space considerations in your processing plant, consider using centrifugal pumps.

Possess Greater Energy Efficiency

Another significant reason to choose centrifugal process pumps over other types is their higher energy efficiency quality. That gives them an upper edge since each unit installed in your processing plant offers both short- and long-term cost savings. Furthermore, high operating efficiency minimizes the strain on energy consumption. That may be a game-changer for applications that require several pumps for successful operation.


Centrifugal chemical pumps have many benefits when it comes to your processing applications. Their compact design allows them to be more versatile, which will enable you to adjust them as per your requirements. When dealing with larger liquid volumes, you can never go wrong with centrifugal pumps, which work best with low-viscosity fluids, such as water, pressurized petroleum products, and industrial chemicals.